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  • Skin Clinic

by Sophia Goldberg •

Skin Clinic

Why Fall is the perfect time to upgrade your routine

With the end of summer around the corner, it’s the perfect time to make upgrades to your paired down, hot weather skincare routine. While having a 3 step skincare routine might work for maintaining your skin’s health, it’s important to incorporate specialized products when you’re trying to make serious, noticeable improvements to your skin. Read on to find the perfect routine upgrades for your desired result. For dull skin: If you experience hyperpigmentation or you’re looking for a gorgeous natural glow, it’s important to add in products with antioxidants that brighten and protect from further pigmentation. HydroPeptide’s newest set, the Revamp Your Regimen kit, was designed specifically for clients who wanted to take their brightening to the next level. The HydraFlora Essence is designed to fit between your cleanser and serum, and it includes a plethora of antioxidants derived from green tea, gotu cola and citrus extracts to give you those extra bright results. Also included in the set is the Radiance Mask, a treatment that’s great for twice a week use that uses apple stem cells to even hyperpigmentation. Lastly, the set includes a deluxe size of the HydroPeptide Firma-Bright Booster, a 20% vitamin C treatment you can mix into any of your current products for incredible brightening results. For dry skin: When you’re addressing a problem like dry skin, it’s important to think of your day and night routines as separate but equally important parts of the process. During the day, add in something like the Somnifera Root Mist which includes HydrO18 Activated water to instantly give your skin a boost of hydration. At night, we recommend swapping your regular moisturizer for something richer, like our Hydro-Lock Sleep Mask. Sleeping masks will lock in your products and moisture overnight, allowing active ingredients to work with your circadian rhythm. For oily skin: Oily skin can be a difficult skin type to address since it often leads to acne and discoloration in skin. It’s important to not over-layer your products, but adding in additional exfoliating steps will help increase cell turnover and prevent blemishes from forming. We recommend adding in an oil balancing clay mask like the Balancing Mask twice a week, with the exfoliating 2 step Polish and Plump Peel once a week to refine your skin tone. For aging skin: Aging skin requires a steady rotation of exfoliation, active ingredients, and moisture. For specialized products, we recommend incorporating the Polish and Plump Peel once a week for increased cell turnover, and using Nimni Cream underneath your regular moisturizer at night. Nimni Cream is formulated with our patented Collagen Support Complex that provides the building blocks for collagen, and it also includes a time-release retinol. If you aren’t overly oily, we also recommend swapping your moisturizers for a richer version like Power Lift.




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