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6 Skin Saving Tips For Festival Season

by Sophia Goldberg |

It’s festival season, which means great music, camping with your friends, and wearing crazy outfits and makeup. It also means your skin is exposed to tons of environmental changes in the one to four days you’re rocking out in the sunshine. Taking time throughout the day to give your skin some love can save you weeks of skin woes following your festival. Read on for some key advice on how to make sure your skin stays fresh and glowy all festival season long.

  1. The 2 hour sunscreen rule.

We know, we’ve said it before. Reapplying sunscreen every 2 hours you’re in the sun is so, SO important. But it can be frustrating to apply it if you’re worried about messing up your flawless makeup. So while we recommend starting the day with a base of our Tinted Solar Defense SPF, we also recommend you bring something like our Solar Defense Body, spraying a bit into your hands, and tapping on all over your face. Your makeup won’t budge, and you’ll easily be able to stay covered head to toe in sun protection.

  1. Get gone, glitter.

While glitter is a festival staple for makeup and body art, it can be nearly impossible to take off. The best way to remove glitter from your skin is to start with something oil based like our Soothing Balm, rub in circular motions, and then wipe off with a wet cloth or wipe like our HydroActive Cleansing Cloths. It may take a few extra minutes before you fall asleep, but leaving glitter on your skin will wreak havoc for days and possibly weeks to come.  

  1. Stay hydrated, inside and out.

Is it hot out here or is it just you? Just kidding, we know it’s both. The heat doesn’t just mean impending sunburns, it can also mean skin that’s much drier than normal. On top of wearing sunscreen religiously, it’s also important to keep moisturizing products in your backpack. The sun will absorb moisture from your skin throughout the day, so keeping yourself hydrated by drinking tons of water as well as spritzing a hydrating mist like our Somnifera Root Mist will keep your skin dewy all day long. Plus, the cooling mist will feel ah-mazing after hours spent in the crowds.

  1. Pack your picks.

Even if it’s just a couple of days, it’s important to pack the essential skincare products you already use. If you’re in a good routine at home, your skin may respond poorly to a shortened routine, or to products you don’t normally use at home. If possible, we recommend bringing your favorite cleanser, serum, moisturizer, and SPF with you to make sure you aren’t forcing your skin to go cold turkey from the products that it has adjusted to. If the products are too big to travel with, you can buy travel size minis or get reusable travel bottles from the drugstore.

  1. Lips need love too.

We tend to forget that our lips need protection from the sun, and no one likes the taste of sunscreen! Bring something like our SPF 15 Lip Shield to wear underneath your favorite lipstick colors, and make sure to reapply every couple of hours to keep your pout pretty all day long.

  1. Stylish hats for the win.

Another frequently overlooked area of our skin is our scalp, and it’s also the least visible skin on your body. Skin cancer is extremely hard to detect on the scalp, so it’s important to take special care and wear a hat. We promise, your outfit will still work with that cute floppy hat or the trendy baseball cap, it’s totally in style right now.

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