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Eye Serums, The Eye Area's New Best Friend

by Sophia Goldberg |

With so many specialized products out there, it can be hard to tell what you really need for your skin. If you've got concerns in the eye area, an eye serum may actually be the best choice for you. Read on to learn about this amazing style of product, and see if you need to add it to your routine. 

Why should you be using an eye serum?

Eye serums operate on the same premise that that face serums use, but they focus on, of course, issues around the eye area. Both eye and face serums are focused on treating skin concerns with powerful actives that absorb into the skin. They are often more water-based, so they feel feather light and essentially “disappear,” allowing you to layer moisturizers and SPF on top without clogging pores or irritation.

Who should use an eye serum?

If you’re interested in targeting fine lines, dark circles, or puffiness in the eye area, an eye serum is right for you. Unlike eye creams which tend to treat the surface level problems, serums can go beneath the surface to treat. And can even be used underneath makeup without causing caking or smearing.

Can you use both an eye cream and an eye serum?

We usually recommend that, if you can handle the additional undereye moisture, you use both products together. Using an eye cream over an eye serum can lock in those powerful nutrients, and can also prevent moisture loss throughout the day. However, if you are prone to getting milia from too much moisture in the eye area, we recommend just using an eye serum alone.

How do you apply an eye serum?

With an eye serum like our Vital Eyes Instant Awakening Serum, use the rollerball or applicator to roll on a small amount of product until you feel it absorb into the skin. Use circular motions so as not to pull at the fragile skin. You can also use your fourth finger (the gentlest finger to use when applying product) to tap in excess product. The nice thing about an eye serum is you can get much closer to the eye, including spreading it underneath the brow bone and even onto the lid.

Which serum should I choose?

If you’re looking to decrease the look of fine lines and wrinkles as well as brighten the eye area, we recommend our Vital Eyes Instant Awakening Serum. If you’re battling sagging eyelids, we recommend using our Uplift Eye serum, and using the tapping technique on the upper lid to apply it daily.

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