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The Secrets To The Restore Collection

by Sophia Goldberg |

The brand new Restore Collection is designed to soothe and hydrate skin night and day, but how do you incorporate these moisture-rich products into your current routine? Read on for expert advice from HydroPeptide's Head of Education and licensed esthetician Erin Larson.

Who is the restore line for?

The Restore Collection is perfect for anyone with aging concerns and dryness or sensitivity.

How do you suggest people integrate it into their current routines?

There are so many ways! The Hydro-Lock Sleep mask can easily be added to your nighttime routine by applying it after you apply your favorite nighttime moisturizer to lock all of that great hydration in. A few drops of the Moisture Reset facial oil can be added to your favorite moisturizer if your skin needs a boost of moisture throughout the day. The Lip Service hydrating line lifter is the best thing you can do before putting on a lip stick or lip gloss, because it immediately softens and smooths your lips. So many options!

What are some of the main callout ingredients in this line?

Our star ingredients in this line are focused on hydration and moisture retention. They are: Hydro 18 Activated Water to improve skin’s moisture retention, Royal Jelly Peptide to improve cell regeneration and turnover and VoluLip Peptides to volumize the lip area.

What makes the restore line different from other HydroPeptide lines?

This line is very focused on barrier repair and providing intense moisture to the skin. It’s also designed to work with our body’s circadian rhythm for improved results when used at night.

What products from Restore should people with acneic or oily skin consider using?

Either of the lip products would be fantastic for any skin type, and makeup melt may work for some people with this skin type because when it’s used as a double cleanse and removed immediately it will help to break down and remove excess oil.

What is your favorite product from the new line?

The Cashmere Cleanse. I have very oil-dry skin and I have been dreaming of a HydroPeptide milky cleanser since I started working here over 7 years ago!

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