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Nimni Cream Science

by Sophia Goldberg |

Our star product Nimni Cream has a ton of amazing ingredients that help your skin fight against signs of aging. Curious about how those ingredients work? Read on: 

1. Our Nimni patented Collagen Support Complex provides the right ingredients cells need to build or synthesize collagen. 

2. Antioxidants then wake up the fibroblast, which is a cell in the connective tissue that produces collagen.

3. Last but not least, peptides signal your cells to start producing collagen. 

What's the difference between Nimni Day and Nimni Cream?

Nimni Day has an antioxidant blend that shields your skin and promotes healthy collagen while reducing inflammation that could cause collagen degredation.

Nimni Cream includes time-release Retinol to maximize your body's natural cell renewal process while you sleep.

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