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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles and Bags Under Your Eyes

by Melissa Kleinman
How to Get Rid of Dark Circles and Bags Under Your Eyes

What are the best methods for removing under eye dark circles?

While dark circles can feel intimidating to correct, there are effective ways to treat the under eye area—both at home and at the dermatologist's office. The best ways to remove under eye dark circles include:


How to treat and improve the look of dark circles and under eye bags

Protection is key

Applying antioxidants to the eye area every morning will help shield it from daily stressors found in the environment. Try HydroPeptide Vital Eyes, which contains antioxidants to protect from free radicals; 100% of users reported their eye area felt more hydrated during a clinical study. Another important factor is protecting the delicate skin around the eyes from UV rays and environmental damage by using sunscreen every single day no matter the weather or season.

HydroPeptide Vital Eyes

Healthy lifestyle and moisturization

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle also plays a role. "Getting a good night's sleep; drinking plenty of water; refraining from smoking, alcohol, and too much caffeine are important ways to start," says Dr. Greenfield. She also adds that it's important to moisturize daily and avoid over washing the eye area.

The best eye cream for under eye circles and bags

An eye cream is an essential step in your skincare regimen. A good eye cream will also help support and thicken the skin around the eyes. One of the reasons dark circles are so apparent is because the skin is very thin around the eyes. Try using an eye cream containing collagen-building peptides, such as HydroPeptide Eye Authority Eye Cream. The complex of firming peptides goes beneath the surface to firm and strengthen the skin, while a medley of pearl powder and mica strategically brighten the entire eye area and visibly reduce the look of dark circles. Keep your eyes refreshed on the go with the travel-size version.

You can enhance the efficacy of your eye cream by pairing it with an eye mask. The specially formulated PolyPeptide Collagel+ Eye Mask instantly awakens and hydrates the eye area with results that can last up to three days. Pair this mask with Eye Authority Eye Cream for the ultimate eye repairing solution. Apply the eye mask in the morning and let it sit while you drink your morning coffee for a complete picker-upper.

Who gets under eye dark circles?

Dark circles under the eyes don't discriminate—they can appear on all skin types and tones and people of all ages and genders. Dark circles—and their close friend under eye bags—can take their toll on even the most well-rested among us.

Why do dark circles form under the eyes?

Under eye bags and dark circles under the eyes are typically one of the least desirable skin issues to have. Why do eye bags and circles form in the first place? "There are a few different reasons why dark circles form," explains New York City dermatologist Dr. Nava Greenfield. "Our face has many pads of fat underneath the skin that provide volume and support for our facial structures.  Over time, those fat pads atrophy or migrate over ever so slightly. When that occurs in the tear trough area (which is located under eyes) appears hollow and shadow-y."

Thin skin around the eyes can lead to dark circles

Another common cause of under eye circles are blood vessels that sit close to the surface of the skin. "The blood vessels create a darker appearing hue to the skin right beneath the eye area because the skin in that area is particularly thin. This gives the skin a dark, almost purplish, appearance," explains Dr. Greenfield.

Why do bags form under the eyes?

"As the fat pads atrophy, the skin starts to sag and fluids can accumulate, causing a swollen look. And, again, the thinnest skin in the entire body is located on the eyelids, so any aging, swelling, or lack of care will show up there first. There is little buffer to absorb some of the insult of lack of sleep or lack of proper skin care," says Dr. Greenfield.

Age and genetics can be to blame

Another cause of bags under the eyes is purely hereditary. If one of your parents had eye bags, chances are you are genetically predisposed to also get them. The natural aging process is also to blame for under-eye bags or puffiness. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, "the muscles and tissue around the eyes can weaken" as you age and "contribute to a baggy look."

Here are more tips on how to make healthier choices when it comes to the appearance of your eyes:

Allergies can be another reason to blame for under eye puffiness. If you have allergies, make sure you are properly managing them with a prescription or OTC eye drop.

  • Don't overdo it on the sodium intake. Too much sodium in your diet can lead to puffiness around the eyes.
  • Sleep on your back, as opposed to your side or stomach.
  • Remove all eye makeup before bedtime. Irritation from sleeping in your eye makeup could lead to puffiness.
  • Get enough sleep at night. If you don't get the minimum 7-9 hours of sleep, hormone levels could be affected and lead to thinner skin and negative consequences for your blood vessels. (This is what Dr. Joseph Allen has to say about how lack of sleep can affect the appearance of your eye area.)


How to get rid of dark circles in the long term

A good at-home skincare regimen paired with in-office treatments are the best long-term way to get rid of dark circles and tired-looking eyes. "I usually chose a combination approach to treating dark circles," says Dr. Greenfield. "Replacing lost volume is key for dark circles. Optimizing the skin texture is also important—using a retinol at night together with antioxidants in the AM aid with this. Laser treatments can supplement by stimulating collagen production."

How microneedling can help improve the eye area

Molly Manley, an esthetician in Statesboro, Georgia relies on microneedling to help vastly improve the appearance of bags and under eye circles. "Microneedling can be done gently around the eyes, drastically improving saggy, tired, and wrinkled under eye areas," says Manley. "Microneedling is the top non-surgical anti-aging procedure on the market. It's safe with little downtime. It works by creating small wounds that encourage the body to produce collagen and elastin. This helps the skin heal more quickly."

Tips and tricks for fighting dark under eye circles

If you can't get into the dermatologist's office, there are effective ways to treat tired looking eyes at home, too.

  • Keeping your eye cream in the refrigerator. This is a great way to add a refreshing zing to your skincare routine and to help reduce the puffiness that typically accompanies tired looking eyes.
  • Massage the eye area. Manley advises her clients to perform this massage on their eye area after using eye cream by following this technique: Use a gentle tapping motion with two fingers; Tap around the eye area, don't pull or drag. This brings blood circulation. Tap outward along your eyebrows, inwards along the top of your cheekbones, then down towards the bridge of your nose. Circle around a few times.Then, use your fingers to apply pressure to the pressure points under the brow bone. This helps to relieve tension and pressure. To make your at-home massage process even more effective, use HydroPeptide Vital Eyes which has a cooling rollerball that massages the eye area while it deposits the anti-inflammatory product around the eyes.
  • Keep a spoon in the freezer, and when you wake up, press it on the eyelids for about 5 minutes to help with puffiness.

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