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Mother's Day Gift Guide 

It’s nearly Mother’s Day, and we’re excited to honor the women who helped shape us into the people are today. With many of us looking for inspiration to find the perfect gift for Mom, we turned to our own moms to ask them which HydroPeptide products make them feel the most beautiful. After all, momma always knows best!

Our Mom's Favorites

Why our Mom's love it

Solar Defense Tinted SPF

“I enjoy being outdoors but protecting my skin is a priority.  I love Solar Defense Tinted because it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything and I get that little touch of color. My skin is protected and looks amazing.”

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Linda, Mom of HydroPeptide AE, Jessica

Power Serum

This serum has been a blessing! My skin looks noticeably brighter and younger. I'm in love with the results!!"

- Laurie A.

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Laurie, Mom of Product 360 Creative Services member, Asia 


“My daughter has made me a nimni believer. I am very particular in my beauty routine and all my life I have only used Korean beauty products. My daughter suggested I mix up my daily routine. Nimni Cream has lived up to my expectations. I have bought Nimni for all my friends to try. My skin has never had more bounce and felt fuller.”
- Yong

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Yong, Mom of Director of Digital Marketing and PR, Hiedi


I’ve tried many other high-end neck products and Firm-a-Fix is the only one I’ve found that actually makes my neck smoother and tighter. After using Firm-a-Fix, my neck more closely matches the smoothness of my face. I’ve started using it on my sun damaged décolletage as well. I’m on my second bottle and I’m completely hooked! I’ve even asked for a new bottle for my birthday.” 

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Suzy, Mom of Product 360 Creative Services member, Malia

Vital Eyes 

“Vital Eyes Serum is a fabulous and extremely effective serum which absorbs quickly and goes to work immediately!  I have been using Vital Eyes Serum for about a month and after just 7 days of use I began to notice a noticeably hydrated, firmer and overall youthful look to my eye area (I am in my late 70’s so my lines were pretty prevalent). Vital Eyes Serum has been a skin-changing addition to my daily routine, one that I will absolutely continue
- Rosemary L. 

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Rosemary, Mom of Director of Sales, Suzy

Lip Lover

"My sisters and I (all mom’s) love the new lip lover kit. We received an exclusive preview and can’t stop recommending these 2 products. Alisa loves Lip Service because it keeps her lips hydrated while out in the sun all day. Perfecting Gloss is the great because it’s thin and flawlessly plumps our lips. The new Palm Springs Pink is our current favorite shade, it looks great on all of us and delivers a quick pick me up regardless of whether we’re wearing other makeup."
- Ashley, Lindsay & Alisa

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Lindsay & Alisa, Sisters of Director of B2B Marketing, Ashley

Rich and Powerful

For the past 10 years I have watched my skin change with age. During those years I’ve been searching for the right skin routine to moisturize and bring things into balance. I am 63 years old and I’ve tried more products than I’d like to admit and none of them felt right. It was a constant battle. I just could not get the results I wanted…then I was introduced to Hydropeptide!
I was so impressed…in a matter of weeks I could see my skin change. I could not only see the change, I could feel the change, day by day. It became balanced, hydrated, creases became shallower, I’d even say my skin was glowing. Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing was fun! Who looks forward to washing their face? The Power Serum and Power Lift Moisturizer have become my favorite. What a “powerful combination” – you can feel it working. My search has ended. I think I’ll be using Hydropeptide products for many years to come.
I love the feel, I love the smell, and I love the compliments I get too! Aging gracefully is tricky, but with Hydropeptide I’m going to give it my all.

-Becky L.

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Rebecca, Mom of Finance Manager, Madelyne

Eye Authority

“I have very sensitive skin and have tried so many eye creams over the years, but nothing has given me such noticeable results as Eye Authority! Puffiness and under eye circles have always been my main concern and Eye Authority targets that plus more!”

- Rhonda C.

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Rhonda, Mom of HydroPeptide AE, Brooke

Power Lift

“I am in love with this product! I live in Lake Tahoe and it is ALWAYS dry – my skin drinks this product up. I have noticed improvements in my skin texture/tone and my age spots have lightened or are less noticeable. This is my skin savior, I can’t switch back to anything else.”

- Sally H.

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Sally, Mom of HydroPeptide AE, Sarah

Exfoliating Cleanser

“I’m in love with HydroPeptide’s Exfoliating Face Cleanser. I love the nuanced citrus scent and the tiny jojoba beads that gently massage my face clean. It leaves my skin completely clean, lightly exfoliated and without any residual dryness. I use it every time I wash my face and keep a bottle by my sink, in my shower and a travel sized one ready for whenever I leave home. It’s the best facial cleanser I’ve ever used and I am completely hooked on it. Love it!”

-Melissa R.

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Melissa, Mom of Marketing Coordinator, Sophia




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